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Type of the Frozen Shoulder, Causes and Treatment

In the frozen shoulder, the shoulder capsule becomes stiff and tight. Adhesions develop in the tissues surrounding the shoulder joint. Shoulder movements become painful and restricted. In many cases the synovial fluid (lubricating fluid) in the joint decreases or becomes dry. Frozen shoulder pain can refer them to the upper arm and all muscles around the shoulder.

Frozen Shoulder has three stages:
Freezing Stage;
Frozen Stage;
Thawing Stage

Freezing Stage:
In this stage, the patient develops pain and stiffness in the shoulder. As the pain worsens it results in decreased shoulder movements. The Freezing stage lasts from 3 to 6 weeks till 6 to 9 months.

Frozen Stage:
In this set, age, pain may decrease,but movements are very difficult and stiff. In these 6-9 months daily life activities have badly affected the patient cannot wear clothes properly or comb his hair or take him back to the upper back;

Thawing Stage:
Shoulder movements slowly improve during the thawing stage. It takes one to two years for complete recovery of motion and strength of the shoulder. Improvement varies from patient to patient depending upon severity and treatment protocols.


Diabetic patients are more prone to frozen shoulder, but the reason behind it is unclear. Both men and women are affected, though women are affected more. Frozen shoulder in diabetics takes more time to resolve.

Stroke patients can also develop frozen shoulder and some injuries to the shoulder joint can also result in the frozen Shoulder.

Rest or immobilization after a fracture or trauma to upper limb (arm) or any kind of surgery can also cause frozen shoulder.

Physiotherapy plays a great role in treating frozen shoulder.

A physiotherapist uses different exercises, techniques and modalities for treating frozen shoulder.

1. TENS/IFT help a lot in relieving pain;

2. Ultrasound Therapy also reduces adhesions and reduces local inflammation;

3. Manual therapy helps in mobilizing the shoulder joint and increasing the range of motion;

4. Stretching and strengthening of shoulder muscles is done in later stages;

5. Shoulder Wheel Exercises, overhead pulley and Pendular Exercise are taught to the patient;

6. Some Home Exercise Plan is given to the patient, which include some simple wall exercises;

7. Your physiotherapist can advise you the proper band depending on our condition. The patient should avoid sleeping on the affected side and should avoid lifting heavy weights as this could further aggravate the pain patient should keep his arm moving in all directions.

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