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Get Physiotherapy Treatment in Best Comfort at your Door Step

Get Proper Physiotherapy care at home in Rohtak now. People who are suffering from pains, physical weaknesses and age-related disabilities have the most effective results with this therapy. At-home physiotherapy services are much popular with their multiple features and perspectives. Patients who are suffering from severe pains or disable due to an accident or paralyzed after a stroke can get the benefits of this service. When visiting the clinic is a substantive problem, at-home physiotherapy services are the best to ease patients. If you have elderly members in your family, these services provide multiple options to improve the health and strength of those patients.

You may think why you hire physiotherapy at home services when you need to spend some extra on this. It is because the benefits the services offer are unparalleled and incomparable. Money cannot assess the value of it. Find the following benefits:

Time Efficient

You can easily save travel time with it. You need to spend some hours on traveling as well as you have to wait sometime for your turn. With an in-house service, you can save a lot more time. Just make an appointment at your preferred schedule and wait for a certified physiotherapist to visit you at your convenient time.


Sometimes it may seem costly as some professionals charge high for their services. But think that you don''t need to accept any kind of traveling hazards and costs. At your comfortable place, you have the therapy most scientifically. So, in the true sense, it is a cost-effective way to treat pains and physical impairment.

Family Supervision

Our professional do therapies in front of family members. So, it is easy to keep the improvement track.

Fast Improvement

Elderly people love to stay in their homes. When they get treatments from the comfort of their homes, it helps in fast healing.

Personalized Treatment

Services like physiotherapy care at home Rohtak provide tailor-made treatment procedures. If necessary, we modify the home atmosphere to ease the patient''s condition. We bring the necessary equipment also as a part of the treatment process.

Consult The Best Physiotherapy Specialist in Chandigarh to Get Rid of Your Pain

The name Dr Kavita Kaushik may not ring a bell in most people''s minds here. That is, unless you are part of the Chandigarh medical community or for that matter the countless patients who at one point of time or the other in their lives were the beneficiary of the physiotherapy treatment that she provides.

Dr Kavita Kaushik has been in service since the last 10 years here. A known name in the medical community, she has been rendering this highly regarded service for the last eight years in the city and is continuing this level of Physiotherapy treatment.
Now, there are doctors and doctors. Each equally capable and proficient in their respective areas. But what sets Dr Kavita Kaushik apart is that she has over the years adopted a totally patient, sympathetic approach and goes out of her way to explain to the patients the cause of their ailment in a soothing and compassionate manner and then follow it up with the treatment and continue this till the patient is one hundred per cent cured.
Further,she may have spent the 10 years of her professional life treating general musculoskeletal pathologies and also sporting injuries of elite athletes. It is on the basis of this wealth of experience that Dr Kavita Kaushik is a strong believer of the immense benefits that physiology, exercise brings and also recommends greatly Cardiac and Neuro Rehabilitation. It goes without saying here that she practices these two areas of his patients with the all the professional expertise at his disposal.