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Physiotherapy can help people in pain relief as well as recovering from their physical injuries. Dr. Kavita’s physiotherapy clinic, in particular, help people to avail the best of physiotherapy services whenever required.
There is no need to worry about the timings as the clinic is open for more than 14 hours in the week and also 10 hours over the weekends. This service proves quite beneficial for the patients as they can walk in anytime and not miss out on any important jobs that they have in their busy schedules.We have all the modern equipments and facilities that are best in the business and ensure that our patients get trusted physiotherapy care facilities whenever they wish.
We also offer home visit facilities. Our proactive physiotherapy professional can truly help in ensuring complete comfort and significant recovery of a patient in their own home.

Our Key Features

*Extreme commitment towards work
*45 to 60 minute one-on-one Sessions
*The staff members of the clinics are extremely caring and warm towards the patient
*The working hours of these clinics are long and extended
*Contacting the physiotherapist is easier, quicker and simpler
*The staff hired is a group of professionals who are dedicated individuals
*Less expensive and affordable physiotherapy assessment and treatment
*The expertise of physiotherapists has helped many patients get back to their normal life with increased mobility
*Online websites of the clinic make booking appointments very simple and easy.
*Physiotherapy at home as per your comfort

Imported Physiotherapy Modalities

Electrotherapy is one of those alternative treatments that is steadily gaining popularity. There are a number of varying types of Electrotherapy, including Ultrasound, TENS, IFT, NMES, SWD, Cervical and Lumber Traction, Cryotherapy (Cold Therapy). While each of these treatments has their own specific processes, the bottom line of these treatments is the delivery of electrical charges to the nerves and muscles in order to relieve pain.

Home Visit

We help in delivering the best home physiotherapy services by qualified and experienced physiotherapy doctors,making it even more convenient for patients to get physiotherapy treatment from the best physiotherapists at home.

Certified & Highly Trained physiotherapists

Our Highly trained and fully qualified physiotherapists are able to treat most of the muscle and joint problems.